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Over more than 20 years of business operations, Pacomm profiled itself as one of the leading local and regional suppliers in the segments of electro-mechanical equipment, electrical insulation and materials, engineering plastics and sealing materials.

Electro-mechanical equipment

Pacomm offers a full suite of electro-mechanical equipment products from low to high voltage.  Our offer includes all the elements necessary for the construction or maintenance of your building or plant, from low voltage fuses to high voltage power transformers.  This is further supported by that fact that we have become a regional distributor for one of the leading global equipment manufacturers – Hyundai Electric.

In addition to the electrical equipment, we are also able to offer our clients electrical panels made by the reputable global manufacturer – ELSTEEL.

Electrical Insulation

We supply a wide range of electrical insulating materials from mica, capton foils, electrical insulating foils and tapes, press papers and  natrons in a number of forms, dimensions and technical characteristics. Pacomm is the exclusive representative of the leading global manufacturer of electrical insulating materials Krempel GmbH from Germany, Liren Insul Materials, Chhaperia etc.

Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastic programme comprises products applicable in all industries: sheets, rods, tubes, foils, fabrics. Offered materials include:

  • Polyamide – polyacetal
  • Polyethylene HD, LD, UW resistant
  • PVC plastic products
  • Polypropilene products
  • PTFE products.

Sealing and Gasketing Materials

Sealing and gasketing materials have a wide range of applications in a number of industries including, electrical power generation, oil and gas, petrochemicals, various chemical industries, machine construction, etc.  Through collaboration and representation of the leading European suppliers (AVKO, Temac, Carrara, etc.) we are in the position to offer you industrial sealing solutions and products for valves, pumps, boilers and furnaces, hot water distributions systems, etc.

Sealing products, depending on application, include:

  • Glass packings (dry, graphited, with PTFE impregnation, etc.
  • Cotton packings, all types;
  • Packings of aramide fibers;
  • PTFE packings / dry and pure PTFE packings;
  • PTFE with PTFE dispersion, PTFE with graphite;
  • Impregnation, PTFE packings;
  • Impregnated with special oil etc.;
  • Ramia packing;
  • Ceramic packings for 1260 Celsius degree, of ceramic fibers and also reinforced with Inconel wire;
  • Packings of expanded graphite yarns and reinforced with Inconel wire;
  • Insulation cloths : made of glass fibers, and also ceramic cloths made of ceramic fibers, both may be reinforced with wire.
  • Insulation ropes in different quaities;
  • Ceramic blankets and paper;
  • Rubber cork;
  • Rubber in sheets and dia;
  • Nonasbestos jointing sheets (klingeriti) in standard sizes 1500x1500mm, and also available in special sizes.

Different qualities, including graphite sheets, depending on enduse (application in heating plants, hydopower slants, thermopower plants, cement plants, all mines and industry)