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Over more than 20 years of business operations, Pacomm profiled itself as one of the leading local and regional suppliers in the segments of electro-mechanical equipment, electrical insulation and materials, engineering plastics and sealing materials.

Pacomm offers you a wide spectrum of services in project development and design, management and construction in the electrical and industrial automation domains. Our engineers have vast experiences on projects in Europe, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Australia.

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Pacomm was founded in 1997 with an idea to enable the ex-Yugoslav industry and commerce access to then unavailable, modern materials and technologies.
Over the years, Pacomm positioned itself as one of the most reliable and trusted partners in power and energy, mining and heavy industry in the areas of electrical insulation materials, electromechanical equipment, engineering plastics, sealing and gasketing materials, etc. We have established successful partnerships with the leading global equipment and material producers such as Krempel Gmbh and Hyundai Electric.